Welcome to Clon 2!

All Ireland Football Final Day (19.12.20)

We’ve been busy here in Clon 2 in preparation for the All Ireland Football Final. Our school was lucky enough to be chosen to design spectators to be displayed in Croke Park on match day. Six in a row? We think so!

We’ve also been practising our own G.A.A skills. No doubt some of the boys will be togging out for the boys in blue in the future.

Bloody Sunday Centenary (21st November 2020)

With the centenary of Bloody Sunday falling this year, we have been been using the theme of ‘The G.A.A’ to guide our learning. Check out our G.A.A artwork below. Some of the players might want to lay off the fake tan!

We discovered that a victim of Bloody Sunday, Joseph Traynor, is buried in Bluebell Cemetery, Inchicore. Mr. Cody, a 4th class teacher in Our Lady of Wayside, Bluebell informed us that his grave difficult to locate on foot. We decided that we would each write letters to the G.A.A and Dublin City Council in an effort to resolve this issue. Check out some of our individual letters and our shared letter to the G.A.A below. Great work boys, some politicians in the making!


Update: The boys have recently received a reply from the G.A.A ensuring them that Joseph’s Traynor’s life will be remembered. They have pledged to naming a street beside Croke Park “Joseph Traynor Way” in his honour. Furthermore, the boys decided to pool some funds together to send some flowers to Traynor’s grave. Check them out below!


Every Thursday, the boys have battled it out on St. Anne’s Astroturf pitch to compete for the Clon 2 Astro League title. Congrats to ‘Manchester City’ who have taken home the title in the first round. After mid-term, we will swap teams and the boys will go head to head once again! Check out the Clon 2 boys in action below…